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Weichert System Welcomes Brand-New Agents

Written by on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 2:12 pm

(And seasoned pros, too)

While certain franchises prefer working exclusively with experienced agents, we continually welcome new agents, seeing it as a great opportunity to teach our particular business strategies from day one.

From client relations to marketing methods, every organization will have a unique business approach, which is important for agents and brokers to investigate.

"The Weichert System resonated with me because of its back-to-basics, people-to-people approach," says Renee Mankoff, a Weichert agent of three years.

Following a system isn't for everyone, but agents, and even successful brokers, often find that streamlining the workday goes a long way toward boosting efficiency and allowing them to focus on what's most important - the client.

Finding a Culture That Fits

If you're just starting out, joining a franchise naturally brings the benefit of brand recognition and larger market share compared to locally owned companies, however, it's also important to find the right cultural fit, which affects morale, productivity, and overall success.

"I interviewed several companies before settling on Weichert. The one-on-one attention, 'extreme coaching,' and personal approach worked best for me," says Patti Henshen, who joined the company in 2012.

When researching real estate agencies, learn all you can about their business philosophy, compensation model, and leadership. Ask about their history and evolution. Learn where they are headed and if their goals align with your personal aspirations.

Leveraging Technology

With 90 percent of clients searching listings online, you'll want to find a team that prioritizes technology to capture leads. It's hard to believe, but the majority of Internet inquiries go unanswered today.

The Weichert Lead Network is staffed, 12 hours each day, with experienced sales consultants who turn online searches into prescreened customers.

"From qualified leads delivered to my smartphone, to quarterly sales tracking, technology is finally working for me the way it should," says John Merrell, a Weichert agent in Colorado.

Never Stop Learning

In an industry that is always evolving, continuous training and education is essential. When comparing organizations, inquire about teaching methods and mentoring programs, and consider how you learn best. Are online courses on the cutting edge? Are colleagues willing to share knowledge? Will you be invited to attend conventions and seminars?

"With Fast Track training, weekly roundtables, and personal support, I find the answers I need," says Donna Weaver, a Weichert agent of three years. "And it's a good feeling knowing that everyone is invested in your success."

Go for It

The dream of home ownership is not going away, and helping people achieve it is an exciting endeavor.

With housing prices up 11.8 percent last year, and set to rise by at least 4 to 6 percent through 2014, it's the perfect time to launch a real estate career, or take yours to the next level.

Finding an organization, and industry mentors, that can help you reach your potential can mean a career full of personal and financial rewards.

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